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Welcome to Yaathrik Sainik Ministries


Rev. Sudershan Nunna President

Welcome and thank you for visiting Yaathrik Sainik Ministries. The population of India has grown to over 1 billion people. These people are divided into 4,635 distinct people groups and speak 1,652 languages & dialects and only few are having a written dialects. The primary focus is to reach the most unreached. We have great opportunity to reach out and help in fulfilling the "Great Commission".

Our vision

  • To Plant Churches in remote villages of India
  • To Evangelize the unreached areas of India
  • To Support orphans, widows, and underprivileged
  • To Open more Bible training centers

Our Burning Desire

  • To reach the unreached areas where cars, even bicycles can not go.
  • To turn a person about who worship millions of gods to worship and believe only one true saving God, Jesus Christ.
  • To reach many through films of Jesus Christ to let them know about His sacrifice and how He came to this world to save us from our sins.